Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some people on here are acting like they think Dustin should not have written his letter.
I just want to remind everyone that this is America. That means you can write what you want and say what you want. Of course, people can then rip it to shreds and say what they like just as well.
One difference is that Dustin signed his letter.
It is true that you don't have to on here. But it is real easy to rip him anonymously.
Im not defending his letter, but I do think it took a bit of courage to put the name on it.
I cant help but notice that all the critics are anonymous.

I am not defending him or his letter. Whether I agree is not the point. I could debate things brought up. But this is what freedom of speech is about, allowing everyone to say what they want.
There are some actual topics in the letter that could be debated.
Can we rise above petty nitpicking and backbiting long enough to actually discuss issues?
Anyone brave enough to say what you want about dustin, mell and others, AND put your name on it?

You may post anonymously. Im just raising the question, thats all.


Anonymous said...

"am not defending him or his letter. Whether I agree is not the point. I could debate things brought up. But this is what freedom of speech is about, allowing everyone to say what they want"

JJ, the above words should taste alittle bit better since they are your own. I for one do not have an issue with his letter, I do however have an issue of the double standard applied to this blog, at least from my perspective. Dustin's family quickly responded when they felt they needed to defend him. And it appeared that the blog was deleted for whatever reason. Pressure from the mayor? I dont know why it was deleted and you will never convince anyone on the bloggs differant.

Dustin is free to write any letters he wants, but it was obvious he was quick to assasinate Pat Mcdonald for some reason. Why did the travelar not delete his assination letter?

Of course JJ this is just my opinion and observation.

Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

Many more that apply to Dustin and his family.

Anonymous said...

This is totally off topic but would someone please start looking at what is going on in the schools. We are funding a football complex for six games a year and adding classrooms but delaying the purchase of buses, buying computers but thinking of getting rid of at risk pre k for lack of funding.

Funding for education is very slim for next year but WHAT are the PRIORITIES for our board. Education or technology and sports? What are they planning to cut? Winfield has already discussed it but not a word from our board. It needs to be out for the public to debate and to discuss. Too much is going on behind closed doors.

Traveler Editor said...

I dont know why it was deleted and you will never convince anyone on the bloggs differant.
Yea my timing was really bad on that one.
I know the truth, whether anyone believes it is up to them.
Im not going to say why i deleted it again.

Traveler Editor said...

but it was obvious he was quick to assasinate Pat Mcdonald for some reason. Why did the travelar not delete his assination letter?

Cause he put is name on it, and did not accuse anyone of illegal activity.

some commissioners may not own property and therefore not pay property tax,but they do own a business and pay sales tax and other fees to the city.

jamie said...

I don't agree with everything dustin said in his letter, but he does have the right to speak his opinion as long as there is nothing illegal to it. Any and everyone should have the right to run for commission whether they be rich, poor, bankers, business owners, fast food servers or famers.

bytedaily said...

Personally, I think this entire debacle makes the Traveler look childish, specifically JJ.

You allow someone to post innuendo on a Traveler blog, You allow it to stay online for all to see, You delete it after the mayor gets involved but continue to fan the fire by posting an opinion piece that will stir up the controversy again, days later.

You say to rise above it but apparently you are of the 'do as I say not as I do' variety. What is your point JJ?

Also, I can not help but notice that you constantly condemn those of us who post anonymously - yet you continue to allow it. Why?

Anonymous said...

JJ, Byte, and others:

I think what you are not understanding is that Dustin, his father, and his friends do have some power. They are bullies and we have seen that Mel will use his influence for his own gain. That is why I choose to be anonymous. These guys also have some interesting friends and relatives. If you do a search of Kansas criminals for their family names you will find some interesting stuff.

I am worried for my safety and the safety of those near me if I speak out while using my name against Dustin and Mel.

Anonymous said...

Copied from the Traveler letter to the editors 4/13/09 --

Letter to the Editor

Dustin P. Schuetz

You have spoken.

The banks have hand-picked who they want to run this town and you, as voting citizens, have voted them in.

I hope that they can continue to save the city money by cutting frivolous spending and being strict with budgets.

The board will no longer be run by people like you: blue-collar individuals.

I do urge you, though, as concerned citizens, to still scrutinize and nitpick every move the new mayor(s) and commissioners will make like you have with the last ones.

When the new Lowe's store comes to town, ask A.C. Industries to show you their books to see how much profit they made by this move.

Also, go to Woods Lumber, Midwest Electric and any other business that will be affected by the "big box" store that so many of you drool over and see how they are doing.

The people that work at these places are your neighbors, friends and relatives and they work hard to provide a service to this community.

Finally, I don't understand how people can vote in a commissioner that does not even own any property.

We have someone in office that can vote to raise your property tax that does not pay property tax! I have spoken.

--- this is an awesome response

OK, here we go.

I really doubt if Roger Brown, Mr. Docking, and Mr. Schwyhart or Duncan or whoever else really all got together and then approached the candidates. Do you have proof of this Dustin? Why do you assume this?

I remind you too that Mr. Matthews, who your father supported, worked much of his life for a bank.

Frivolous with the budget: is this why it has taken longer than 2 weeks to pick up the limbs that are all over town? Is this why the city saw fit to let go one of its only minority employees who used to run the senior citizens center? Is this why Mr. Russell left us so soon?

I am not a blue-collar individual. Most of my friends are not. What do you consider a blue-collar individual. Should they be insulted by this?

I assume the new mayor will not take us in to embarrasment with the rest of the country through acts like Smellishish Poon, and embarrasing acts such as the crash tax and the water bill fiasco, an ATTACK ON THE POOR BY the commssion led by YOUR FATHER MEL KUHN. This is in addition to acting incredibly rude to the developer who was going to help bring development to this town.

The last I knew, which was a couple years ago, AC industries included Mr. Greg Kelley and Mr. Roger Sparks as well, both strong supporters of Mr. Margolius. Mr. Schuetz is this not the case?

Mr. Kuhn supported Walgreens, and yet Graves, Dillons and Walmart pharmacy are still in operation, as well as the new K and D pharmacy. I imagine Woods and Midwest are equally as capable.

So blue collar workers who only rent property should not be able to run for office? What about retired people who may have moved to a appartment for health care purposes? Should the appartment complexes of this town not be supported? This seems to be another attack on the middle and lower class of this town.

Your case has many holes in it. Also, please do not include my daughter in any more of your illegal activities.

Anonymous said...

Dustin and your family, here is a song I am working on for you...

We see your true colors shining through,
Soon you'll be offering the neighbor teen, a vodka shot or two

I hope your boss soon won't be afraid, to let you go
'Cause the day our town is rid of your family, AC will be shining,
Yes Ark City will be shining, like a rainbow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Traveler Editor said...

I just deleted three identical posts;
calling for a boycot of kuhn's business.
probably not that many individuals use his business anyway..
but this attacking of them is just mean.
you could actually think and articulate ideas to argue against them ... just mean attacks are pointless.
none of the kuhn family - or friends, asked me to delete anything.
i just dont see the point in the childish attacks...
maybe i will start deleting them

Traveler Editor said...

fire by posting an opinion piece that will stir up the controversy again, days later.
What post was that>?
i was talking about other things

the consumer said...

A lot of people use Kuhn's service.
We've never had a problem, they've been pretty consistent with us.
and.......they do good work.

a consumer

Anonymous said...

"Cause he put is name on it, and did not accuse anyone of illegal activity."

Come on, JJ...You are an educated man...it is because.

I think I have a problem with this entire thread. Nothing positive can possible come from this discussion. Everyone seems bent on character assassination (I guess my grammar comment fits in that category also). Why would anyone want to put their name on a comment and open their lives to public scrutiny and attack. Many have called Dustin brave, but who said what it is the focus, not what was said.

Kanyon said...

Well! This is a fine mess......
I have met Dustin..... How many people that are blogging actually have met him.... Not his dad him. Have you sat down had a conversation with Dustin?

I have stayed out of this blog because I felt like the whole time that this could not be happening. Of course a child might take his father's side, don't we all hope that our adult son's and daughter's will take up for us.

I sent about 1 1/2 hours or so with Dustin and I don't know how he was many years ago, but the man I sat with held a good conversation, was part of the group and will be welcomed back anytime.

Gossip is fact and rumor, and guessing and embleshing all rolled up into one. And it's life span is as long as the people allow.

When you talk about Mel, when you bash him for the blog thrill, remember that this is guy who supports the charity you ask him too. He buys the ad space, the products, and the wrapping paper to support your projects, he does the habitat house work, he and his sons' help do work that a senior can't afford, and no one ever knew they did. Disagreee with him about politics, but everytime there is a charity drive or a fundraiser project at his door you/they land. Talk about the politics, not the person.

I have been surprised many times by many elected officals, Mel is no exception he is not the first nor will he be the last elected official to raise the eye brows of some people so what is all this about. I have read your fears about being identified, I have read but I still don't understand, are you saying that you want to throw words like rocks but you don't want to get caught doing it?

I think I heard about that party that was talked about in the last blog, They were all having a good time home from college and what- not as she told me they were all in their twenties doesn't make underage drinking right, because it isn't, but, kinda changes things when the slight verbage goes from teenagers (sounds like kids from the high school) to college kids.

As for all the people who get on to defend Dustin you referred to mom, dad, sister, brother, cousin, wife, wouldn't we all be so lucky as to have a family that would be there in good times and bad, and that would stand up proudly and say that is my son, brother, cousin, husband or friend.

This will only pass if we let it go. We have lots to work on, lots to look forward too, lots to do, so let's get busy being a better community to each other.

Anonymous said...

That's the way to say it. Let's get busy gettin better

Anonymous said...

You can tell by the times of post (1:30 to 2:00) that these cowardly attacks are by the same person
so sad :(

Traveler Editor said...

yea im tired of them already
gonna get my delete key oiled up
I should have been deleting others, just been busy.

Vern Troyer's left one said...

Oh yeah, there can't possibly be more than one person on here in a 30 minute time span...


Anonymous said...

Kanyon has spoken!

D.Q. said...

@April 14, 2009 8:02 PM

Thanks, Kanyon.

People in this world and in this town are sometimes so unforgiving. (That is, until they need a little mercy.)
One point I would like to bring up you mentioned: The local merchants are the ones who donate the most to local needs. They are giving when the national merchants among us are not as free to donate to local needs.

Kanyon said...

That is sooooooo true. The local merchants are the ones that come through all the time. I am not taking anything away from anyone else by saying that. I just have noticed that his name also appears on many thank you lists as well. It is good and healthy to air your opinions but not to dwell on them.

Anonymous said...

positive points Canyon have missed you bloggs. Glad you jumped in

Anonymous said...

While the blogs have attacked Mel, this town is critical of anyone with any sort of success. I hope we can get rid of that mentality and move toward a positive. It would be great to have comments about GOOD things someone did today. Random acts of appreciation...a whole new concept.

Anonymous said...

What saints!! Surely they aren't donating time/supplies just to appear on a thank you list with which they can pad their resumes.

Anonymous said...

True, true! There is too much jealousy in this town. Everyone wants you to do something for nothing and thinks it's immoral to actually making a profit from them while running a business.

It's just senseless greed. One should understand that everyone will profit from a successful local business. We should be proud to be a part of that. Would you rather the money go out of town, state or country?

Anonymous said...

Do you people honestly think that all the people that donate to local projects are just doing it to "pad their resumes"? So who are they padding their resumes for? They aren't looking for jobs because they own their own business, they aren't trying to be alumni of the year, or anything else. I doubt that many even know their name is on a thank you list in the paper.

We have good people in town, people that I don't even agree with or personally like, but they know that this town has to have individuals that will step up. Appreciate them...even Mel...for the good they do. Think of all the projects that are around without tax support. The local businesses...not many of the corporations...are the ones that keep them going.

Traveler Editor said...

It has been local businesses that have supported the River of Life Music Festival.
Have not received a penny from any of the national chains.
But local people have stepped up to the plate.
We also sold ads on our t-shirt. But several gave money and said they didnt want to be on the t-shirt.
There are actually some good people out there.

Anonymous said...

So it's okay to put down someone because they don't own property? Like they are less of a person, and we are all idiots for voting against daddy's voting block?

Forget that!

It speaks to Patrick's character that he has most certainly read Dustin's childish losers rant and has not responded.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Patrick has no character
He sits in that rented room with all those used books he got for free, with other household items like vacuums and sewing machines blogging away, posting anonymous. And you know it!

You morons traded one voting block for another, at least the others had some character and integrity

In fact this is him

Anonymous said...

"Mom, whats for dinner?" oh and another good one..."Did you do my laundry yet?" This is what adults say who live with their mommy still! We have it made! You morons who live on your own must be stupid.

Anonymous said...

"In fact this is him"

FACT.. that was NOT him.

And you are dumb. FACT!

Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Why is smelly junior's name different than his parents? If Mel is his real father, why the difference in last names?

Traveler Editor said...

Call him up and ask him

i dare ya

Anonymous said...

no answer

Anonymous said...

who cares why the last names are different? BIG DEAL!

Anonymous said...

just curious. It is not normal. There must be a reason.

Ernest P. Kernawennie said...

the anonymous assbag that wanted to know about smelly junior's last name is probably laying in the corner of his mom's basement, sucking his finger, blowing snot bubbles, tring to think what the city & federal government can do for him, or what else he can put on these stupid ass blogs

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!! Ernest

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is missing the point or purposely posting a bunch of hogwash irrelevant stuff to get away from the real issues.

Dustin has good points.

Why did you elect a person who does not pay property tax and lives in his mom's basement?

Anonymous said...

Because he does the will of the people.

And Ernest T. Weeniewasher, or whatever your name was... bite me! I was in your mom's basement once. it smelled like cabbage.

Anonymous said...

You people are just mad because your three amigos are no more. We, on the other hand, are so happy they are knocked down a peg.. and we will be so much happier in two years when the other two get the BIG BOOT! haha

So, whine all you like, but Patrick, Jean and Jay and the ones with the pull now, and there is not a damn thing you and your family can do about it. And the town will be better for it.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

May ACI rule forever go comrades go
You are mad because Kuhn stopped the raping and plundering
Unfortunately some liked it that’s because they were part of it and some just want to be noticed for something.

Have a nicer day

Anonymous said...

You ACI conspiracy theorist sound like those people who call in to late night talk shows and tell how they were abducted by aliens and given an anal probe.

"I like to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the Spring-a.. and the sky so blue, and tea for two.."

Bonus points for anyone who gets the reference :)

Anonymous said...

You play Warcraft and talk about conspiracies

Ernest P. Kernawennie said...

just wondering if the guy that was in my moms basement was sucking his
finger in his underwear blowing snot bubbles in the corner.

Anonymous said...

she was doing enough for the both of us.

Anonymous said...

JJ what do you think about the smoking debate?

Traveler Editor said...

On the smoking debate.
I really thing businesses should be able to do what they want. Then its up to the customer to decide if he or she will frequent the business.
THen it becomes a business decision.

Are there really people who think smoking is not harmful?