Wednesday, April 1, 2009

city commission candidate Jean Snell


Anonymous said...

Jean Snell, friend?

This is probably not the first you have heard any of this, lest we soon forget:

When Jean first arrived, his former employer Colby, KS called to thank us for taking him, they had all the friendship they could handle. Now as the teachers of USD 470 come out with all of their tails of friendship no one can believe that he came in last for his first bid for a commissionership, what were we thinking?

Yes it’s true he sometimes fails to tell the truth but that’s because the truth is not always right. He had to exaggerate by over 1000 about how many times the internet had been viewed, otherwise he could not get his friend a job, the 100K plus spent by the school was for friendship, therefore worth it.

The episode of the sexual harassment against the maintenance supervisor cost USD 470 way over 100 grand. He was Jean’s pal and being his pal will be an expense to someone. When he failed to inform the school board of his spending a substantial amount on a consultant, it was in the name of friendship. He saved his friends on the board from the embarrassment for not understanding.

The most endearing and lasting impact of Jean is in technology! Our friend eliminated most all forms of technical training thank goodness. The shop class doesn’t build a house any more, or chairs or cabinets in fact we don’t have woodworking, or welding, or machine shop, that’s because its best to send all of the kids to collage, just like him, working is for suckers. We did get a new Technology Lab that was never used and sold at auction for pennies on the dollar.

These are just a few of the acts of friendship we have endured (I mean were blessed with). Jean should continued to be the BFF of the Burford and not so much the rest of us, we don’t have that kind of money.

If there are any doubts, check it out, Google in ‘USD 470 lawsuit’ for a start.

Educationalists in the Ark City Tea Party

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy it's college not collage!

Anonymous said...

Traveler Staff Writer

An Arkansas City High School librarian has demanded $500,000 in damages and a written apology from the USD 470 school board for suspending him and then attempting to "non-renew" him in 2000 and 2001.

Robert Hicks was given his job back after a due-process hearing officer ruled that then-superintendent Jean Snell violated school board policies, the master agreement with teachers, and possibly the Kansas Open Meetings Act while dealing with Hicks's termination.

Anonymous said...

Jean is a lightning rod. Controversy follows him whereever he goes. Can you imagine the fireworks if Mell and Jean are on the commission at the same time? I fail to see how that would be good for anyone. Total standstill for 2 years if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

If you believe all the stuff that was just written then our district would have been set back years when he was in charge and that was hardly the case.

He is a business person that has a good head on his shoulders and unlike our current mayor will not have us on national news for dressing in black face or calling those that question him "white elitist".

He did not have a lawyer "friend" that gained from the lawsuits...that is a lie. He also had a moral obligation to investigate a district employee using a library computer to look at a patron of the district you should be glad that he did so.

He also was working under the direction of a board of SEVEN school board members. He did not act on his own but under the direction of his board. Check the facts more correctly and I think you will see he was directed to act by them and by the board attorney.

He saved the district money...was fiscally way ahead when he left and not in the bind we now have.

The technology has changed but when it was instituted it was state of the art and what was expected for our students then. When he started we also had no computer lab and still taught typewriting...should he have left that out as well.

It is easy to smear a reputation using half truths and partial information.

Seldom do superintendents retire with great kudos from anyone unless they left things status quo, don't encourage district growth, don't ask difficult questions and seek to move forward.

This is a man that has decided to give some of his time back to a community that he has chosen to call home. Using libelous attacks based on misinformation is certainly not going to sway me since I have taken the time to meet this person and know that he has great business sense, is not going to vote for an issue without studying it, will respectfully represent the community and will listen to ideas even when he does not agree.

The man has already saved this community much money with his time and expertise freely given to the Burford. It would be awful to think that without that there would be another empty and deteriorating builing collapsing downtown.

Drew said...

When Jean first arrived, his former employer...called to thank us for taking him, ---

I think I have heard this story about every teacher, coach, lawyer, doctor, preacher, and businessman who have moved to this town in the last 40 years

Drew said...

The episode of the sexual harassment against the maintenance supervisor cost USD 470 way over 100 grand. ---

And then a local Kansas college hired the same maintenance supervisor, so I doubt there is much to this.

Anonymous said...

Well one thing is for sure....Jean finally says hi when you pass in front of the Burford now that he is campaigning. Usually he is an uptight old fart. Wish he would park in back of the Burford so it would open up some more parking for the businesses downtown. He is always in front of the Hairport. Dang it Jean, "Move That Truck!"


Anonymous said...

Hey Arleta,

Yes we know you support Jean, and keep circulating petitions for his support. But you need to pull your head out of the sand. He was a bad choice for USD 470, and would be a TERRIBLE choice for AC commission.

AC Tea Party

Anonymous said...

OK all you 1980's ACHS grads....remember DR. Snell? Yes, the man that we ALL hated? The man we had no respect for? The man that would do anything for his "true friends", but not support the faculity and students. Had a double standard for the idea of having a raffle for the science club in 1986 because that was gambling, but when the AC band wanted to raffle a car from Tubbs Motors that same year, he approved it with flying colors.
Oh what a bunch of skeletons we can dig up on you DR. Snell.

You are a hippocrite sir; prepare for your laundry to be aired out!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is very obvious how little respect Jean has for the average person. Almost everyone except his friends is beneath him. His attitude toward those he deems as less intelligent is unforgiveable.

Maybe even worse than that is that he is a self proclaimed expert on nearly everything. I can't be the only one who finds that anannoying.

charles said...

Anonymous said...
OK all you 1980's ACHS grads....remember DR. Snell? Yes, the man that we ALL hated? The man we had no respect for?

My goodness!!
In the early 90's I worked on the USD470 Blue Ribbon Commission to revise the discipline handbook. I was asked to serve by Dr. Leonard Steinle, Superintendent of schools. I worked along side Dean Gilstrap who was in his last year or so as ACHS Principal.

One of the last things Dr. Stienle done with me was to introduce me to his successor, Jean Snell, PhD.

I am not quite sure why candidate Snell is getting the blame for things that predated his arrival here. Please don't let your passion cause you to spread misinformation to potential voters.

That is both unfair and simply irresponsible. Thnk about your city and citizens rather than acting on your own emotions.

In fact, one comment that resonated from the radio interview this afternoon was candidate Snell's assertion that Arkansas City needs to have the 40yr olds and 50 yr olds stepping up to fill the elected offices instead of a slate of silver hairs.

Maybe take the next couple of years to get off the blog posts and ready yourself to become a candidate to lead this community.

It is worth all the trouble to have played a part in building a future. Meanwhile, get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

The one and only time I met him he was rude.

Anonymous said...

My goodness Charles;

Guess we know how you will vote, not that it really matters.

As long as the police don't pick on your boys for selling, everything is alright? Hmmmmmmm....another hippocrite!

Anonymous said...

Hey leave Charles alone, the drug trade is the only thing still supporting families in this community

Anonymous said...

Not sure who I will vote for but it easy to see that a few with some personal vendettas can attack those that are willing to put themsleves out for a political office.

I am sure that each candidate has some very good qualities and some very questionable ones but I have to vote based on what I want for our community and not on what a few try to convince me is the truth. I know that Snell was not here in the 80's. I taught then and he was not my superintendent so with that said I am equally sure that the other facts are just as twisted to make him look bad.

He was not my favorite person to work for but I always knew what he stood for and I knew that he was very good at keepng finances on track and promoting the district in a positive light. He may not have always been the friendliest but he kept the district moving forward and that was what he was supposed to do. Speaking to me was not part of the expectations of the job.

A public job demands scrutiny and it is easy to put a former public employee under the microscope but I have to ask what the other candidates have done that should be scrutinized and made public. Unfortunately, their work records are not public and I am sure they are very happy for that.

I will vote for those that have the vision I have for a community that I truly care about and a community that I can see is fast sinking. I want to see us BELIEVE in ourselves again and be able to find proud in who were are and what we stand for. This election is about more that any of us seem to comprehend. It is not about who is friendly but who will lead, who has the ability to bring us together for a common purpose, who can mend the incredible rift that has split this town. We have to get excited about the future. Most of America is struggling and we are now on equal ground with more of the country than ever before but it is our chance to put on our best foot and move forward ahead of everyone...

jamie said...

@ anonymous April 2, 2009 6:39 AM and 6:40 am : Thats uncalled for, grow up....

charles said...

Well, now I am all teary eyed. Boo hoo hoo!

1) Still no value for facts.
2) Some are stuck in the past.
3) The topic is election candidate.

Maybe they are right. There may be too many people with not enough to do inside City Hall.

Now that we are just a few days away from the Christian commemoration of the crucifixion and celebration of the resurrected Christ, this is a good time to remember that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross was so that we might all have a chance to inherit eternal life.

Please get out and vote for the candidates of your choice for City Commission, School Board and Cowley College Trustee.

Kanyon and KACY radio are doing a tremendous job of letting the candidates speak to you and share their platform about the direction for your city. Don't waste time chasing after these unsubstatiated rumors.

Colby is a city not a person. Therefore, Colby didn't say anything. Who in Colby said anything? Why did they say it if they did? Why would anyone in Arkansas City blindly believe anything said in Colby?

Also, find the church of your choice to honor the gift that came from Jesus death on the cross. The Ministerial Alliance will be holding a series of community worship services during the week. So vote and pray!!

Anonymous said...

I think we should get all of the rumors out on the table and let the candidates address them. I would rather fight this battle before they are elected and not afterwords. Once someone is elected in, we need to stand behind them and work hard to build this city up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone up for a tea party convoy to Wichita on the 15th?

Anonymous said...

What's the Tea Party?
What'x in Wichita?

Traveler Editor said...

I think we should get all of the rumors out on the table and let the candidates address them.
Only if they are presented by people not afraid to state them publicly with their name attached, and at least some vague piece of evidence.

Here are some rumors.

McDonld is a Texas fan
Margolius is a Nebraska fan

neither are KU fans. so
.... you see how easy that is.
Should they address those rumors i just started?

Anonymous said...

You are probably right. No one has the cahonas to put their names on anything.

I love tea! said...

People are protesting taxes, government spending and the way our political leaders are going astray from the Constitution. It is NOT a down with Obama party, though. It's just a bunch of people standing up for their rights and speaking out on the issues.

Parties are being held on Tax Day all across the nation. Wichita has one and you can find info from the previous website.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blessing Chuck

Anonymous said...

I'm MAYBE going to the tea party. We need to stand up and take our country back. i hope it does some good. Not much in the mainstream media though.

Anonymous said...

Anti-AIG protestors fit on a bus. Tea Party protestors number in the thousands. Guess which group gets more media coverage?

Anonymous said...

More info on the tea party. Decide for yourself. It seems as though Playboy uncovered the astroturfing behind the right-wing "Tea Parties" (Probably because, as anyone who has read the magazine in the last decade knows, Playboy hates any sort of turf on the infield).

Anonymous said...

I really don't understand you people that see it okay for more and more companies to collapse. No, I don't like seeing that kidnd of money spent, but I see the bailouts as needed right now for the severest of situations. I do think the situation needs to be monitored and controlled and I want the companies to use our tax money wisely, until we pull out of the recession. If businesses fail, it will effect the smaller businesses and keep collapsing in a domino effect.Think about the aviation industry layoffs, it doesn't just affect the big companies, but also the smaller ones that make all the parts for boeing, cessna, etc. If people don't have money to spend then how the businesses going to afford to stay open. How we going to afford unemployment on a continuous basis for the next several years? Where are people going to find jobs when there are none? If this continues on the next several years, how does rotten commodities sound to you just like back in the depression days? Do you all feel that confident?

Anonymous said...

When did government get into the business business? So now Obama is running General Motors? No one in Obama's administration ever ran a business before, but suddenly they know better than the people who have ran them for years? This whole economic crisis began because government stuck their noses in businesses where it didn't belong. Changing the lending practices of banks and mortgage houses. My and my grandchildren's tax money should not go to bail out big business. They, the Company execs, should make their business thrive or fail, just like every other business in the history of the US.

Traveler Editor said...

e economic crisis began because government stuck their noses in businesses where it didn't belong. ....

Actually we are in this crisis because the government STOPPED interferring.
Controls were taken off the finance industry, and the greed of the finance industry was left unchecked.

Anonymous said...

This recession is not just a US problem, it is a global problem. Too many people are not looking at the whole picture and I suppose feel somewhat secure. Well, I for one do since the government is trying to help get some of the companies back on their feet. If they weren't, well I can only imagine what could happen. I guess people will be happy when they can't afford to pay the cable and internet bill next and won't be able to sit on there butts at the computer and discuss such issues. Never mind not being able to pay for utilities.

Anonymous said...

I understand that bailout money will help some people. However, do you see any of it coming down the pike to create jobs in AC or to bail out companies/factories in our town or even Wichita?

I think AC may stand to gain some money for roads and possibly trains (if everyone gets their ducks in a row). Is there anything else which will have a quick and direct effect on AC? Perhaps we would feel better if it would?

By the way, rumors flying in Wichita about 2,000-4,000 more being laid off. They started with 13,000 and have already let 6,000 go. WOW! Also, Learjet let off another 400 yesterday, I believe. Some say effects will not hit GE until October of this year.

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch good morning america today? All those people with degrees and such, standing in line for a retail or fast food job because there is nothing else out there.

Anonymous said...

Mel told me today that he is voting for Jean. He likes his pleasant manner and that he is such a positive person.

Anonymous said...

LOL That Mell sure tells it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it's good enough for Smellicious Puhn, it's good enough for me.

It's funny that the way some people are trying to get votes taken away from candidates is to say Kuhn is supporting them. I have read on here that Kuhn is supporting everyone except who he is really supporting. Speaks highly of our mayor, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

If there is any question as to who Mell Kuhn is supporting, look at the signs on both his business and personal properties! Snell's sign is definitely not there.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the signs I'd say Snell is working with Warren and McDonald. If they are running together they need to speak out. I'd like to know why.

Anonymous said...

Because they can be a voting block that takes the power out of the hands of Mayor Smellicious and Dotty Smith.

What could be better than that? I hope they all three get in.