Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday, music , good thoughts

Morning all.
Ive not posted much this week, but you all seem to have done just fine without me.
I noticed not many people took my challenge to say something good about someone.

Today I will be at the Cowley Marketplace thing at the Brown Center. From 8:30 a.m., until 12:30 p.m., businesses and organizations that make things or do things in Cowley County, will be there showing their stuff.
I will be there with River of Life Music Festival information.

Also today is the Monthly River of Life music show. It starts at 6 p.m. today. At Calvary Chapel, which is at 1000 S. Third Street. It is an old elementary school.

Here are some good thoughts about people.
* My neighbor, ben winegar, climbed up on a tall ladder to nail back up a shingle that blew off our house during the recent ice storm. I was entirely too chicken to do it myself.
* Our neighbors in general, a couple of summers ago, came to the rescue when our garage caught on fire while we were away on vacation. The fire dept. came and had to break out a couple windows to get in to put out the fire. Someone did a nice job of boarding up those windows. It actually looked nice. (The boards have since been replaced with glass, as per city code.)
* Kanyon Gingher has raised a lot of money to pay off those water bills for the city. She did complain and fought the fees that the city instigated., but she has also worked hard for a solution.


jamie said...

I tried to say something positive JJ, but people like to twist things around to their liking.

Well here's another positive. People think we live in a not so great neighborhood and I beg to differ. OUr neighbors know we are gone for most of the day and watch out for our house. When we had that really bad icestorm a few years back one of our neighbors helped us to cut down huge limbs that had cracked. Had we hired someone, it would of cost us a fortune!

I am still thankful to the acpd officers for all their help 2 years ago when we needed them.

Anonymous said...

Why should Kanyon have to raise money for the fees? Why can't the city just give it back like they should? For someone else to raise the money and pay it to the people means that the city is actually keeping the money it raised through the hairbrained scheme.

Traveler Editor said...

She is raising money to pay the bills. Not the fees.
These are old bills that the taxpayers are now paying because the person who owed them never paid them.
This means less tax money being used.
She doesn't "have to"
She is doing it because it needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

How many of the commision are stepping in to help her raise this money or even the city administration that had this put in place..
Maybe we could have it taken out of the raises they got last year. You know some of the people from AIG gave there raises back. That is an example our administrators could folow!!! Since they did screw it up!!!!