Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music festival

Its just four days away. Things are going well,
Im a bit nervous as youd expect, but everything looks ok at this point.
May need a couple people to help with parking, directing traffic etc.

Also, we have t-shirts now.
I may try to get a picture a little later and post it.
If you come to the concert, you can get a t-shirt with any-size donation.
Name your own price. :)

Help spread the word.
starting at 2 p.m., we may have some local warmup bands for 30 mins or so, or maybe an hour, and start the larger program at 3.

Monday, September 29, 2008

what do you all think?

Mayor in tights

Mell Kuhn, mayor of Arkansas City, accepts his Barbie trophy from
Linda Groth, executive director of CASA, after being crowned Miss CASA 2008 at the 10th annual Men In Tights Under The Lights beauty pageant. The pageant is a fund raiser for CASA. His character name was Smellishis Poon.

More political ranting

A lot of the problem is an "either-or" mentality that has taken over American consciousness.
"If you're not for us, you're against us," seems to be the mentality of both sides.
I know people who automatically dismiss anyone who is not on the same side they are, whether it be conservative or liberal. Or, they instantly dislike anyone of the other party without giving them any chance. Some people only see their side's point of view, and if you don't agree with them all the way, you must be on the other side.
But some of us have grown weary of that. There are true moderates out there. Kansas Moderates are just liberals pretending to be conservative.
A true moderate sees that neither side is really right. We tend to think for ourselves. We are not buying into either side anymore.
We don't ask how we can help either side win. We ask what can either side do for us to earn our vote.

The bottom line is this. Both parties have strengths and weaknesses. Neither side has all the answers. Both are right about some things, and wrong about some things.
The only value i see in either side is that they keep the other side from getting too strong. Ive said for a long time, the greatest danger the nation faces is that one side would gain absolute control.

At one time they did sort of work together as they sought to run the country.
Now both sides are more interested in "their side" than they are in the country.
At one time the overall goal was the betterment of the country. Now the only goal i see that they have is victory over each other at any cost.
The Dems would be willing to lose a war to gain victory over the Pubs. The Pubs would be willing to wreck the economy to beat the Dems.
Neither side has our interests at heart, and neither side deserves our vote.
We do have other choices.

The two sides, as well as the national media, have convinced us that we have only two choices. But if we keep voting for "other" parties, eventually it will catch on.
If you vote for a third party presidential candidate, you may feel your vote wont count because one of the two major parties will win. True, but ... the movement away from the two sides is growing, and it will send a message.
The vote is not for Dem or Pub ... the vote is NO !

In Biblical times, there were two major parties, the Pharisees and the Saduccees. When Jesus showed up both sides assumed he would agree with them.
He condemned them both because their minds were only on their own power and glory, and not on the greater good.
Their power was an illusion they had bought into. The nation was under Roman rule. Yet they fought tooth and nail for what little power they had.
They crucified Jesus.
But you know, you can't keep a good man down. :) :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential candidates rant

Here are a couple of web sites that have candidate information.
There are other parties out there, and other candidates.
The first web site link is a link to all candidates, it does a good job of listing them all, but doesnt have a lot on any of them.
The second link is the Washington Post for crying out loud.
This is a great case in point. one of the biggest and most respected newspapers - news organizations - in the nation, and from their site youd think there were only two candidates.



The National Media is part of the conspiracy to maintain the political status quo.
Its just money and power .. with little or no interest in the wellbeing of the nation itself.
And they do lean to the left, and generally support the democrat. Just look at how "fair" they have been in this election. They're almost making me feel sorry for Palin.
But that's just part of the show.
They don't tell us about the other candidates because the current two party system maintains the status quo and the power structure.
If other parties were given even tacit coverage, people would see their options and might vote accordingly, ... and maybe those candidates would actually do something.
Other parties would weaken the power structure, and the power structure is a huge cash cow for the likes of ABC, NBC, CNN etc., so they are just protecting their own.

Just watch, whether Obama or McCain wins, it wont matter at all, all we will get is more back biting and fighting until the next cycle when we will change parties again.

Ok, that's my conspiracy theory for today.
THe answer is for us citizens to do our own homework and to vote for a third party candidate whenever we can.
We do not have to vote as the national media tells us to. The two choices - rep or dem - are meaningless choices. Choosing either one is a vote for status quo power structure.
We could make a difference if, as a large group of people, were to start voting for other candidates. Would be tough, but ....
I think im going to vote for Chuck Baldwin.

Friday, September 26, 2008

presidential debates

was just watching the presidential debates. Was so bored I couldnt stand another minute. I actually WANTED to see a commercial.
Ok, Ill tick off both sides but .... is this the best either side can do???
Both are nice men and sincere, but it seems to me that neither one of them has anything to say. They aren't disagreeing all that much even.
You can spin it to say your side won, but to someone who is neither rep or dem., just doesnt seem like much of a choice. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Just not sure which is which yet.
The debate is doing nothing but solidifying my feeling that I dont particularly care for either one.
Where's Ralph Nader when you need him?
There are other candidates. Everyone says they dont vote for the other candidates because they dont have a chance ... but .. what if .. what if we all did vote for a different party. It could happen.
Could Ralph Nader do worse?


River of Life festival

We are just over a week away. We have had our first real crisis, and we have survived.
We are not going to be able to do the Friday night part of the festival, so it will be just one day, that's Saturday, Oct. 4.
We are still going to start around 2 p.m.
There are still a couple things im working out, but it looks pretty good right now.
We are thinking about having a special parking area for handicapped and elderly people who have trouble getting around. That way, they could sit in their cars and listen to the music.
CHeck out the web site .. you can hear the bands there.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shots were fired

Ok, my bad.
Below is the cop report as the cops sent it to us.
This is the shooting at sleeth, a shot was fired, but i guess i didn't take that as a "shooting."
So i gotta give chief Wallace credit there for trying, and you can slam the editor for not paying attention. :)

On 9/24/08 at about 9:14 pm officers were dispatched to the 1400 blk of S. ‘H’ Street in Arkansas City in reference to a disturbance. Officers arrived and were comforted by several people who stated that Loren Bruner age 45 of Arkansas City had just fired a gun in the street. Dispatchers advised prior to officers arrival the reporting party Loren Bruner stated that he was going to get his gun if the people return. Officer made contact with Bruner, who was very intoxicated. Officers learned that Bruner had in fact fired one shot from a .410 shotgun. He had also pointed the gun at four of the people in front of his house. The cause of this incident was stemmed for a battery that had occurred earlier in the evening with a juvenile.

Bruner was arrested and charges will be filed through the county attorney’s office, Bond set at $ 12,750.00.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bank Robbery suspect in custody

The Cops have a suspect in custody for the Home National Bank robbery.
Thats all the info I have at the moment. He (or she as the case may be) has not even been charged yet, but that should happen this morning.
I got an email from Chief Wallace. He is out of town but hopefully we will have more later on.
Ill get more soon.

Here is an image from the Country Mart robbery.

Monday, September 22, 2008

another robbery

There was an armed robbery Sunday night at Country Mart in Arkansas City.
More to come in the paper today.
Thats two robberies in a week. The cops say they dont think they are related.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Walnut Valley

Here are some pics from the Walnut Valley Festival. It is kinda strange up there without the campsites operating. Still there is a good crowd.
The people there have done a great job dealing with the flooding.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

pictures from the bank robbery

Here are pictures from the camera at the bank during the robbery

bank robbery update

At about noon today a bank robbery was reported from the north branch of Home National in Arkansas City.
According to initial reports, police were looking for a 5-foot-10-inch tall black male with bad teeth weighing about 180 pounds in a maroon shirt. A teller was handed a note with the robber's intentions on it, the police said. No money was mentioned.
Police believe he got into a late-model, red Cobra Mustang GT. Police were calling for a helicopter.

FBI agents arrived and began their investigation about 2:15 p.m. today.
Police marked off area around the bank and near the Chinese CHef. It is believed the suspect may have parked his car there before going to the bank.
Kansas Highway Patrol officers from Cowley, Butler and Sumner Counties are involved in the search for the red Mustang.

Arkansas City schools were locked down as a precaution by school officials shortly after reports went out about the bank robbery.
By 2:40 the lockdown had ended and school officials planned to end school normally at the usual time, around 3 p.m .

Early during the investigation, Chief Sean Wallace had his car set up as a command post for the investigation. By 2:30 p.m., the Cowley County Emergency Management Trailer had arrived and that was to be used for police operations.

One car was pulled over on the bypass because the driver met the description, though the vehicle did not. That person was not a suspect after positive identification was made.

Police were searching the area behind Wal Mart, specifically the area around a creek that runs in some trees there.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

its official, sales tax on ballot

Its now official. The sales tax questions will be on the ballot in the November election.
One will be a half cent for the hospital and one will be a half cent for street repairs.
Ill have the story in the paper tomorrow.

Tonights agenda for the city

Here is the agenda for tonight's meeting. The most interesting items of course, are the sales tax issues. Both will be put on the agenda. Its up to the voters now. What do you want?
Also, on the city's web site there is a link to the agenda, as well as the "packet" that commissioners get at the meetings. It has a lof of background on each agenda item.
Here is the link: Also on this page you may download their bills for the month, see where your tax money goes.


1. Receive Planning Commission recommendation and consider ordinance rezoning properties:
- Lots 1-28, Block 6, Park Place, more commonly known as 815 West Madison from I-1 (Industrial, Restricted) District to I-3 ( Industrial, Heavy) District;
- Lots 1-7, Block 7, Park Place, more commonly known as 703 and 705 South 7th from R-2 (Residential, Single Family) District to I-3 (Industrial, Heavy) District
- Lots 25-34, Block 7, Park Place, more commonly known as 712 and 716 South 8th from I-1 (Industrial, Restricted) District to I-3 (Industrial, Heavy) District. LG Pike. (Roll call vote).
2. Hold required annual meeting of the Public Building Commission.
3. Consider resolution authorizing and providing for the calling of a special question election in the City of Arkansas City, Kansas, for the purpose of submitting to the electors of the City a question relating to the imposition of a citywide retailer’s sales tax for a new hospital.
4. Consider resolution authorizing and providing for the calling of a special question election in the City of Arkansas City, Kansas, for the purpose of submitting to the electors of the City a question relating to the imposition of a citywide retailer’s sales tax for street improvements.
5. Consider resolution authorizing an agreement with Wilson & Company through the City of Newton for development of a post construction BMP Manual for storm water NPDES Regulations.
6. Consider Mayor’s appointments to City Boards.
Miscellaneous Matters from the City Manager/City Commission.

Monday, September 15, 2008

web site for music festival

just working on the web site for the RIVER OF LIFE Music Festival. You can hear examples of the bands there.


Latest on the walnut valley festival

Producers of the Walnut Valley Festival met Sunday afternoon with the Winfield City Manager, Warren Porter and other officials from various branches of the City of Winfield. They were informed that the Walnut River had crested around 11:00 am Sunday morning at around 32 feet.

Visually, from the non-flooded areas it appears that any damage to the facilities on grounds is minor. City Officials plan an early morning walk through of the buildings to check damage. If there are no unforeseen problems the clean up will begin. Festival setup crews should be able to begin rebuilding the stages and dressing the interior for the festival still set to begin on Wednesday evening with a concert featuring cowboy music.

The Arts & Craft show portion of the festival will also go on as planned.

There will be limited day parking only at the Winfield Fairgrounds. Due to the condition of the campgrounds, camping will not be available on grounds.

The City of Winfield has continued to make the Winfield City Lake available, as well as a number of local parks. The Winfield Livestock Auction Company, west of the fairgrounds has also become the campground of choice for a large number of music fans.

Festival organizers are currently working to establish a "Park & Ride" type of service for the displaced campers and any one not able to park on grounds during the festival. Details will be made known as soon as the plans are completed.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Walnut Valley Festival

Here is the latest from the Walnut Valley Festival about the rain

Walnut Valley Festival Campers Forced to Clear Campgrounds ahead of Rising River

Winfield, Kansas… By order of the Winfield City Police the campers that had arrived early to attend the Walnut Valley Festival were asked to vacate the Winfield Fairgrounds due to the rise of the Walnut River which borders 3 sides of the fairgrounds. Heavy rains North of Winfield in Butler County have caused the river to rise above flood stage. Water is covering a portion of the campgrounds but so far it has not reached buildings.

The move from the fairgrounds proceeded in a safe orderly fashion with campers being assisted at times by festival workers. The city of Winfield has made a number of locations available to folks for temporary parking of their campers. The Winfield Livestock Auction Company also has provided refuge for the displaced campers.

At this time festival producers are working to protect stages and equipment from possible damage by the rising river. They are also continuing with preparations for this year’s festival set to begin on September 17th with hands-on workshops and then beginning September 18 through 21 with the championship contests and professional artist concerts. The producers of the Walnut Valley Festival have stated they do intend to present the festival this year and that as soon as it is known the status of the fairgrounds an announcement will be made as to any changes that may need to take place.


I didn't realize it was raining so much,
Ark CIty and several other high school football games have been cancelled. AC plays on Monday at 7 in El Dorado
I had never heard of not playing football in the rain... South Haven and Dexter also put off.

Also they have a bit of mess going on in Winfield at the county fairgrounds.
They have evacuated the campground, Lots of campers were already settled in for next weeks Walnut Valley Festival.
And with the hurricane coming, it could get interesting.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Next meeting

City will have its worksession Monday, starting at 5:30 and Tuesday is the regular meeting at 7.
Just a few items on the agenda, but they are large items. The sales tax is on there, or at least, the measure to put it on the november ballot will be discussed. That could get passed Tuesday.
They are getting close to the deadline, so it might be their last chance.
Almost lost on the shuffle of the hospital is the city's vote for a half-cent for road improvements.

We do need street improvements.
They really dont have enough money laying around to do a lot of improvements, so I guess they do need the extra money.

An aside that I thought was interesting. The brick streets are perhaps the oldest, and they need some work, but brick streets are the most reliable, or sturdy, surface we have for roads/. It costs more to put down brick streets, and they are a little more to maintain, but you dont have to re-do it every 10 years.
Some of the brick streets in town are over 50 years old and still in good shape.
I dont think they are planning on brick streets, but .... it might work.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

music web site

Been working on the music festival web site. I know its a bit late, but ...
Anyways, the link is


I tried putting some sound clips on there. Im just not sure if they will work in all formats.
Also check out the festival blog. Theres a link on the list to the right.

More hospital

Are you tired of debating the hospital yet?
I did get a phone message yesterday from an anonymous person who said she was tired of it already. She said she thought there must be some other news and was going to vote against the sales tax because we put to much about the hospital in the paper.
I feel like there are still things we need to report on.

Not a lot of people showed up for the hospital meeting yesterday. But it was a hospital auxiliary meeting, so you wouldn't expect many people to show up for that in the middle of the morning.
More meetings are coming that are more conducive to public participation.
You need to go to these meetings.
Clayton Pappan makes a good case. Believe it or not, they have actually studied things like location, costs, population trends and needs, and that sort of thing. They really didn't just wake up one day and say "hey lets build a hospital two miles north of town."

I am working on getting more of that stuff on our website. The hospital people said they'd give me the power point to post on here. It has a lot, but it doesn't have everything. We may be able to do some videos too, or other recordings.

There was a little debate going on with the blog about naysayers and such. There are some legitimate questions, and they need answering. There are also people who just object and keep coming up with questions that are just objections.
It doesn't matter how many times you answer a naysayers questions, he or she will still refuse to understand, because they are only interested in tearing things down, not in actually understanding.
I was at a meeting the other night - not hospital related - and this guy was asking why something had happened. The thing was explained twice, but he kept saying "I just don't understand..." They tried explaining it again, but ... he "just couldn't understand."

People need to realize that after awhile, if all you do is complain and criticize, that everyone else will stop taking you seriously. You will be left behind.

There are legitimate questions. No one objects to that. The naysayer always says that if anyone asks a question they get called a naysayer. That just isn't true. Naysayers don't really ask questions. They make accusations and spread rumors and put a question mark on the end of it. I think that's the real difference.

There is real and legitimate information out there.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The music

We have had a little bump in the road on the music festival, but its turning out for the good.
Looks like Shannon Gackstatter wont get to play after all. She is really good. Not her fault, just bad timing. We also wont have the Butler Brothers.

BUT, We are going to have Julie Sutton. I first heard of her a couple months ago, and first heard her music over the weekend. All I can say is .... OH MY GOODNESS>
She is really something. Bluesy-Jazzy - kinda singer. Great original material.
You need to come hear her. You will be amazed. An incredible combination of the spiritual and sensual all in one voice.

Also we may get the local group Revival. They have been around awhile. They are going to let me know for sure on Monday.
So looks like the bands are set - of course ive said that before - but hopefully now they are.

We have local musicians Tim Durham, Revival, and Julie Sutton.
Out of towners - who were here last year, Remedy Drive and Ashley Reynolds.
Out of towners who are new - Rafael Irizarry (classical guitarist) , and Geof Kimber, an australian now living in south carolina, keyboard player and vocalist.

Thats seven acts.
Also Friday night will be local bands from area churches, Mostly youth bands.
There is a home football game, so we will be starting that up late, hoping to catch the after game traffic.

Ive got some helpers now. Can always use more, but it is good to have some lined up.
Could use some more cash.

Ok, yall can go back to debating the hospital deal now. :)
Or we could debate the order of musicians on the program.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Visions - hospitals and festivals

I was just thinking late last night, which is dangerous and tends to get me in trouble.
Most people agree we need a new hospital. The only question is where. Feelings are strong on both sides, and even in the middle.
The location is an emotional issue.
I think it was Margolius, (might have been Kuhn) that told the hospital board that they may have convinced the commission with facts, but they are going to have to convince the community's emotions.

A lot of this project has to do with VISION. The location is their vision for the project. It is part of a larger vision for a regional medical center. They are thinking bigger than just a small town medical facility. Winfield opted for that small town medical facility. Thats not what this group wants.

I was also thinking about my vision for the music festival. Its down there near the levee by the bridge. MANY people have asked me why it is there. Many have asked about other locations. They have suggested other locations that they think would be better ... curry field, wilson park, walnut park, the brown center, and even that little park across Summit from the current location.
All would be fine locations.. All would work, and some would even work better probably from a logistics standpoint, but the other locations take away from the "Vision."

My vision is not just for a small little concert, even though that is what it is now.
My ultimate vision is for it to be a large music festival. Something along the lines of the Walnut Valley Festival, though I know it wont get to even half that level in my lifetime.
BUT we have a start. And I hope to make it grow. IF we outgrow that field in my lifetime, Ill be a happy camper. :)

Hospital meetings

Here is a list of the meetings so far. More will be scheduled, so watch the paper for them.
I would suggest going to at least two, if not more. You need to hear the case more than once. Take your questions along.
And of course, you can investigate what they say.

Sept. 9th at 9:30 am – SCKRMC Auxiliary Meeting

Sept 22nd at 6:30 pm – Presbyterian Manor

Sept 25th at 11:00 am – Ark City Senior Center

Sept 30th at 7:00 pm – Brown Center/Wright Room

Oct 2nd at 10:00 am – Ambassadors Coffee

Oct 9th at 7:00 pm – Ark City Senior Center

Oct 22nd at 12 Noon – Soroptimist Meeting

Oct 30th at 7:00 pm – Brown Center/Booth outside of Economic Forum Meeting

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hospital headed north

City commissioners gave the go-ahead to hospital officials to pursue building a new hospital at the Patterson Park site two miles north of Arkansas City at their regular meeting Tuesday.
It is now up to hospital officials to convince the public to pass a half-cent sales tax that would help finance the hospital.
Hospital officials say they have most of the money needed to build a new hospital but need the sales tax money to get them "over the top." Having that extra money would help them get loans and help them get through the first two years, hospital marketing director Clayton Pappan said.
The city will now have to put the sales tax initiative on the ballot for November. The language of that proposal will be taken up at the next meeting.
Hospital officials will be holding several meetings over the next two months to make their case before the public.

Monday, September 1, 2008

City meeting tuesday

Here is what is on the agenda for the city commission tuesday.
they are having their worksession at 5:30 p.m., followed by te regular meeting at 7.
1. Receive presentation from SCKRMC Board of Trustees on new hospital location.
2. Hold hearings and consider resolution providing dangerous structure designations form buildings located at 1315 N. 5th, 400 N. D, 314 E. Maple, and 516 S. C.
3. Receive and consider acceptance of audit report on 2007 fiscal records. Parman, Tanner,Soule & Jackson.
4. Consider letter of engagement with Parman, Tanner, Soule & Jackson for provision of audit services of the City’s 2008 fiscal records.
5. Consider ordinance adopting updated Standard Traffic Ordinance for the City of Arkansas City.
6. Consider ordinance adopting the 2008 Uniform Public Offense Code, and amending the
Uniform Public Offense Code of the City of Arkansas City to ban the use of drugs within the City limits.
7. Consider ordinance amending City Code with regard to Arkalalah Committee boundary
8. Review bids and consider resolution authorizing a contract for City Hall roof repair project.
9. Select voting delegates to the League of Municipalities annual meeting.
10. Consider Mayor’s appointments to City Boards.
Miscellaneous Matters from the City Manager/City Commission.