Tuesday, April 21, 2009

live blog

Just a reminder that we will have a live blog of the city commission meeting at 7 p.m. today.


Anonymous said...

Tonight is a great night for AC! The elite are in power again! Yes!

Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Elite and those with vision are not the same. Vision and dreams for the future cross all socio-economic values.

I hardly consider the people on the commission elite but good people that want the town to move beyond the woes of the past economic problems and into a place that will make this a proud town once again. Continually tearing it down and labeling people is counter productive to our future.

What role you play is your choice. I prefer to have hope that this will be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The first poster must be new to the area. These people are way removed from the elite of this town. The elite don't watse their time with such frivolities.

charles said...

Anonymous said...
Vision and dreams for the future cross all socio-economic values.
April 21, 2009 6:06 PM

So what exactly does this mean?

I agree that the council might be more stable now. However, I remain perplexed at our insistence on labeling the governing body a success or failure just because of the personalities holding the seats.

The composition of the council does not support the assumption of inclusive sociological progress. They are not elitist. But they are isolationist.

I agree that we should be supportive and hopeful that things will be better over time. I disagree that we can simply look at the faces and call it better.

Or as a wise mentor of mine would often say, "Never call them a cowboy until you see them ride."

Anonymous said...

Do you think this election was really about the hospital? It seems they REALLY wanted Mel off the board.

Did he ruffle some feathers? Do they have a legitimate reason to get him off? I'm not saying I wouldn't if I was them, just wondering.

Also, it will be interesting to see if McD ever votes against Snell and Warren. Will there be an issue which will break the team or will McD remain faithful?

Anonymous said...

He changed what was wrong with that system and they don’t like change. He got them a new hospital and they were jalousies, he stopped the micromanaging and they felt jilted, then they crucified him.

Anonymous said...

No one got us a hospital. We voted it in without his help. In fact, when he ran he was against it and made that clear. He changed his mind but HE did not get us a new hospital. He did help with some design changes and needs to be commended for that but that is also why he was elected and was doing what he was elected to do...look out for the people.

Anonymous said...

What is with you all at the traveler lately? Is there some sort of mandate to stir up controversy? First with the local elections, the a bunch of name calling on your blogs, now a gay marriage debate and a debate on how Obama is doing. Are you trying to create controversy?

Anonymous said...

Obama is not doing well, at all,,, no giant welfare check is coming

you lose