Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Music

The River of Life music returns this weekend.
We got snowed out - iced out - last month. This weekend will be our first monthly show.
This is for local bands that maybe do not get as much attention as others, or who are starting out.
This includes performers - not just bands. It also includes all styles of religious music. - whether that be classic gospel or rock and roll.
This will lead up to the big festival in the fall. First weekend of October.
The show this weekend will be at Calvary Chapel on South Third street. Its an old school building.
Starts at 6. Musicians are:

6:00-6:20: Bob Onelio and Praying for Miracles
6:35-6:55: Open Heaven, Diane Maxwell
7:10-7:30: Sylvia Riggs
7:45-8:05: Calvary Praise Band
8:20-8:40: Tim Durham and 3 in 1 Group

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